Canadian Basketball Academy

Canadian Basketball Academy (CBA) is devoted to fair play and sportsmanship. Our number one priority is that players who choose to play in our league enjoy their experience and create lasting, positive memories. We expect that all participants in our league including Coaches, Players, Parents and Officials have the same mindset and contribute to building the exceptional experience for all those involved in the game.

CBA’s goal is to help young people in our communities succeed in life by fostering respect for education, activity, community, and health (R.E.A.C.H). We do this by building self-confidence, teaching youth to embrace social diversity and instilling communal responsibility through basketball.

Our OBA team consists of director staff, professional coaches, and new this year, a player and parent advisory committee. All CBA coaches are NCCP certified with diverse playing/coaching experience extending to the NBA level.

CBA trains hundreds of students each year in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and has raised over $500,000 to help at-risk children play sports since being established in 2010.


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